Welcome to Bordeaux and the lands of Château Mousseyron, nourished by five generations of devoted winegrowers.
Since its creation in 1880, this estate has successfully developed and thrived, definitively becoming a winegrowing domain in 1955 thanks to Pierre and Jeanne Larriaut.
In 1990 Jacques and Colette Larriaut modernised the wine cellar and the fermenting room, helping the Château to remain at the forefront of its appellation and giving their son Joris the means to produce a wine that is served and enjoyed at tables throughout the world.
A truly family affair, where for more than a century parents and children have been working side by side, committed to seeing the estate flourish.


From vine to wine

APPELLATIONS : Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge, Bordeaux Rouge, Bordeaux Blanc, Bordeaux Rosé, Crémant de Bordeaux, Loupiac. All our wines are A.O.C. (controlled designation of origin)..
SURFACE AREA : 28 hectares of vineyards.
SOIL TYPE : Clay-limestone and clay-gravel.
21 hectares of Reds: 50 % Merlot, 45 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 5 % Cabernet Franc. 7 hectares of Whites: de 60 % Sauvignon, 35 % Semillon, 5 % Muscadelle.
Average age of the vines : 25 years
Plantation density : from 3,300 to 6,000 vine plants/hectare.
Vineyard management : Quality approach with respect for the environment to protect our soils: alternate grass cover and working the soil, limiting treatments and fertilisers to what is strictly required by the vines. The meticulous work we carry out in the vineyards; debudding, wire attaching, leaf removal, green harvesting etc. all aims to obtain well-aerated bunches.


Château Roby

This two hectare estate is today run by Colette Larriaut, who inherited it from her parents Jean and Denise Boutet. Colette privileges traditional methods and has kept the passion and precision required for producing a great sweet wine, starting of course with the harvest.

he harvest takes place from September through to November and is carried out only by hand, in line with tradition. Only the over-ripe, shrivelled grapes are taken from the bunches, the others are left to reach full maturity, then picked. These successive selections are known as “tries”. Three or four passages in the vines are required to collect the berries that give Loupiac all its specific qualities.

At Loupiac, the maximum authorised yield is 40 hectolitres per hectare. The king of grape varieties here is Semillon, particularly sensitive to noble rot. At Château Roby, our Loupiac wine is built gradually, over time. We allow it more time to ferment, more time to mature, more time to assert itself… From this comes a lovely smooth wine marrying candied fruit and white flowers, always punctuated by a remarkable freshness


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